Moriah Elisabeth Photography
Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it...
— song of solomon 8:7

Welcome To my little corner of the web.

I'm stoked you're here.


And the two became one.

Wedding days take the cake (all pun intended ;)) for my favorite thing to photograph. I LOVE to capture the excited jitters while getting ready, the grooms face that lights up at the first glance of his bride, the tears that stream down your face as you commit to loving that one soul forever...and of course the rad dance moves grandma busts out on the dance floor. ;) 


The mundane and the beautiful.

Did he just put a ring on it? If so, I think we should probably make a toast and take some pretty photos. ;)
Or maybe you've been married for 5 years? or 1? Or just dating? Or having a baby? Or you just want to capture your littles before they grow oh so quickly?.....Whatever season of life you're in, I'd love to document it for you.


My mission.
Is to be a photographer who captures life as it happens.
To capture love as it unfolds. 
To capture joy that is UNEXPLAINABLE. 

Haley + Caleb edited session-0132.jpg