I believe...

I believe in moments, not poses.
I believe in love that is displayed in action.
I believe in the revival in ones eyes.
I believe in first looks and written letters.
I believe in love that is evident and sacrificial...
one that resembles Christ and the church. 
I believe in hand-in-hand adventures and exploring new places. 

My desire in photographing you, is to give you the freedom to be yourself. To give you the freedom to laugh, to cry, to kiss a little (or a lot), and to maybe even dance a little.

Being in front of the camera can be one of the most vulnerable places...But when we're in a vulnerable place, beautiful things can happen, and thats exactly what I want for you. I want to not only capture who you are, but I want to capture how deep your love is. I want to capture the moments that make you feel something.