Aaron + Jessica

Aaron and Jessica's wedding took place on the beautiful sands of 30-a, right near Destin FL. Aaron is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter in Nashville TN, and Jessica works for St Jude. From Nashville and beyond, friends and family traveled to the sunny state of Florida, to witness and take part in these two becoming one. This day, was one of my all time favorites. And not because of the stunning details, gorgeous dress, wonderful food, and rad wedding party. Although, all of those things did make my job pretty enjoyable. ;)...But the main reason it will forever be one of my favorite weddings that I've had the honor to document, was because of their genuine love for one another, and for their family and friends. It was such a tight-knit group of wonderful people, and everyone came together, to make this day simply magical. It was the biggest honor to document the funny moments, the ones that made everyone cry, happy dance, and the ones where it was simply just the look of love in ones eyes. I walked away from their wedding, loving my job even more. Its days like this one, that remind me that I have the best job ever. I can't thank Aaron and Jessica, along with their friends and family enough for welcoming me in, allowing me to capture this beautiful day, and for being some of the best people I've ever had the chance to work with!

You all rocked!

Hopefully these photos can give you a taste of just how awesome their day was!

Aaron wrote Jess a letter...and then everyone cried. ;) 

This girl was by far the most joyful bride I have ever photographed, and then moments later, it all finally set in that she would soon walk out on the beach to spend forever with her man!

Basically, they're total babes.

Favorite. Wedding party. Ever.

Shout out to these guys for being the most fun groomsmen I've ever worked with. As you can see, they were great. ;)

Love this moment when her girls prayed over her (and prayed the rain away!) The prayers worked.


Whats a beach wedding, without the flower girl face-planting in the sand?? ;) haha

Stepping away for bride and groom photos at sunset, is always an all time favorite part of the day. That wind. That hair. That kiss. Freaking magic. 

He wrote her the sweetest song, and I wish I had a video to show you, because it was simply the best.

Sign me up to shoot all the weddings with folks from Nashville, because as you can see, they know how to sing, and how to party. ;)


The end. 

Moriah Sutton